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It is a fast growing manufacturer for automatic food processing machine. The leading machine includes: 
For human food
Cereal bar molding machine
Muesli bar cutting machine
Mini granola bar former
Corn flakes extruding line
Core filling snack extruding line
Nutrition powder extruding line
For Pet foodPet food extruding line
Pet treat extruding line
Meat strip machine with auto tray system
Cold extrusion machine
Pet treat injection molding machine
Rawhide bone pressing machien
Mini lab extruder
We also supplementary machine like: extruding puffer, air puffer, sugar melting tank, mixer, puffing rice collector, chocolate coating, cooling tunnel, types of cutters, continuous fryer etc.
Now We are making efforts to make all machine high automatic. Keeping automation, quality and services always in mind, Darin is doing better and better.

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